Women rising to the top – What’s holding you back? (Part 1)


Retaining, attracting and assisting women to rise to a higher level.

Malaysia has a low level of participation rate for women in the workforce with only 46% of women of working age are working, which is among the lowest in South East Asia. If we are not retaining or attracting them back to work, we are losing out 50% of the talent. What is holding the women back?

Panelists of the dialogue were Chief Executive Officer of TalentCorp, Johan Merican, Human Resources Director of GE Malaysia and Brunei, Sugunah Verumandy and Senior Executive Director and Markets Leader of PricewaterhouseCoopers Malaysia, Chin Suit Fang. The session was moderated by Low Ngai Yuen, Executive Producer of Garang Pictures.

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