Women rising to the top – What’s holding you back? (Full version)


In Malaysia, 60% of students in public universities are women, yet many have left the workforce due to family commitments. There is also a steady decrease of women’s participation in the workforce as they enter childbearing years while women’s representation on management boards in Malaysia currently stands at only 6%. McKinsey also reported that the financial performance of companies are better when there are women represented at board level.

If there really is a strong business case to increase female participation, what is holding us back? Is our current workplace conducive for women to flourish and strike a work-life balance? What can corporations, policy makers, individuals do to develop, attract and retain more talented women, especially in decision-making levels?

Panelists of the dialogue were Chief Executive Officer of TalentCorp, Johan Merican, Human Resources Director of GE Malaysia and Brunei, Sugunah Verumandy and Senior Executive Director and Markets Leader of PricewaterhouseCoopers Malaysia, Chin Suit Fang. The session was moderated by Low Ngai Yuen, Executive Producer of Garang Pictures.

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