To be or not to be


This week, to be or not to be. To have a vibrant Malaysian performing arts scene or to not, that is the question. Can our creative content industry have a thriving performing arts scene?  We’ll take a look at finances in performing arts and how can things move ahead, how Malaysia’s performing arts industry can be more sustainable in the future.

We’ll hear about subsidies, sponsorships and a lot about Singapore, but also about the clever ways that Malaysian theatre practitioners have found and made money. And we’ll hear about a possible silver lining, a new fund is available.

Stay tuned as Kam Raslan speaks to Govin Ruben a Lighting Designer, Jo Kukathas an Artistic Director of The Instant Café Theatre Company, Joe Hasham and Faridah Merican of KLPAC, Low Ngai Yuen who heads up Kakiseni, and Bilqis Hijjas, President of MyDance Alliance.


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