The New Brain Drain


On this week’s episode we look at a new form of brain drain in Malaysia – women. A recent study by the World Bank shows that Malaysia has the lowest women labour participation rate in the region at 46%. The number of women of working age that participate in the workforce for countries such as Thailand and Singapore are much higher at 70% and 60% respectively. So, why are Malaysian women opting to stay out of the workforce?

This week our correspondent Atiqah Zailani speaks to two women who have left the workforce and are trying to make their way back, Johan Merican CEO of TalentCorp, Datuk Hafsah Hashim CEO of SME Corp, Mohd Khalis Abdul Rahim, Chief Human Capital Officer from Telekom Malaysia, and Sugunah Verumandy, Human Resources Director for Malaysia and Brunei at General Electric to find out what is being done to up this dismal participation rate.

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