The Dream Of MRT


We imagine the future through the prism of transportation, with the vision of 2020 coming ever closer how will the MRT transform our city and make life better and even happier? The ideal city is a catalyst for growth, it’s the pinnacle of human achievement moving together in a seamless choreography. But city life as we know it seems far from this dream, like many other Asian capitals we are faced with mass urbanisation, escalating energy consumption, rising pollution and cost of living. This episode we speak to urban planners, designer, futurists and activist as well as citizens and government officials as we ask them to imagine how transportation can facilitate the good life in 2020 and beyond.

We hear from Ng Sek San, Landscape architect and cycling activist based in Kuala Lumpur (, Anthonie Versluis, Managing partner at Roland Berger Consultants Malaysia (, Charles Landry, Urban planner (, Marco Kusumawijaya, an architect and urban planner in Jakarta (, Christopher Boyd, Executive Chairman at CBRE Malaysia (, Peter Cave, Managing Director at Schneider Electric Malaysia (, Raziff Nasruddin, Design Futurist at Thinklab ( and commuters in Klang Valley and New York.

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