The Cost Of Living


Everything is going up, up, up, from petrol prices to food and housing, everyday Malaysian’s are feeling the pinch. In this episode we speak to a cross section of Malaysian’s to find out how they are learning to adapt to this new reality.  We speak to a retired school teacher in Ipoh, a family man in Klang and an urban gardener in Serdang.  There is no denying that that cost of living is rising, but what are some innovative ways to cope with these changes and to live better, healthier and happier lives in Malaysia today?

Host: Umapagan Ampikaipagan


  • Kee Kum Wun, Pensioner
  • Ili Fahrana, Urban Gardener
  • Alia Ali, Food Writer
  • Bob and Emma, Family in Klang
  • Dr. Lee Hwok Aun, a senior lecturer from the Faculty of Economics and Administration at University Malaya
  • Julian Ng, Presenter of Ringgit and Sense and Morning Run programs on BFM 89.9

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