The Big Splash


Do you have a successful product here in Malaysia? Are you thinking about taking it global? What’s stopping you?

Venturing into the unknown and taking that leap of faith is an intimidating prospect for many, in this episode we speak to a wide array of Malaysian businesses who have already taken the plunge.

Some have decades of experience other are just beginning to ride the wave. From established brands to new tech startups Malaysia is not short of case studies. So join us as we learn from their insights, successes and failures and find out if you have what it takes to go global.

Host: Kam Raslan


  • Aaron Gill, Head of Products and Marketing, Myteksi
  • Boh Boon Chiang, COO of Khind
  • Hiro Tan, Founder of Rotiboi
  • Shirleen Phang, Global Eats UK
  • Tee May Yee, Founder of The Last Polka
  • Chang Chew Soon, CEO of Soft Space

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