The Big Idea


An inspiring and practical guide on how to make your visions a reality, “from the aha moment to your first million.”

The Big Idea is named for the TV programme created and hosted by the author. Running for four years, the talk show hosted mainly unlikely entrepreneurs – including housewives, students, blue collar workers – who had seen a need and found a way to fill it. The happy ending of their stories often featured companies worth hundreds of millions.

Like many bright people, Donny Deutch admits that is next to useless when he is bored but give him something he loves to do and he becomes unstoppable.

Deutch did poorly at school and quit the first job he ever had before he could be fired for incompetence. He lost his second job as well, which was especially humiliating because the man who had both hired and told him to leave was Donny’s father.

How Deutch emerged from the ashes took an astounding leap of faith from someone who loved him. The faith paid off and Deutch became a millionaire several times over.

Like the stories in this book, money – even a whole lot of it – is only the icing on the cake. Only a minority of these success stories start with someone who wants to make it big. Most of them simply have an idea they feel is too good not to make happen. They are usually their own clients, building something they themselves need. Then they share it. Then they sell it. Then, in almost all of these stories, they become rich beyond their wildest dreams.

This book delivers what it promises; a step by step plan to freeing your big idea from the ether of your mind or paper napkin and out into the world in solid form. The 12 steps you need to take are outlined in a handy appendix at the back of the book but save that as a reference and go ahead and read the whole book. This is where Deutch’s enthusiasm shines off the page. This is where you feel that he believes in you, the reader, and that faith is as powerful as the one his own father once showed him.

The success stories provide an even stronger boost to your confidence. Perhaps you are one of those lucky people who can get the funding and has the time to start at once. If you are not, then you will be inspired by entrepreneurs whose conviction led them to get funding by selling their cars, working weekends or holding “for profit” parties for friends and family.

Remember, every one of these people made it big. In fact, you will likely be slowed down in the reading of this book by going online to check out the products that started with a dream: the snack-candy combination empire started by a delivery man; the underwear that both Oprah and Tyra Banks cannot live without; the snazzy jacket with dozens of secret compartments that won rave reviews from the co-founder of Apple. A book may be well and good, but there is nothing quite like seeing the companies’ websites, checking out the prices of the goods and doing a bit of mental arithmetic.

The clear message is, if the people who started these companies could do it, so can you.

Deutch teaches you to tap into resources you may not have known you had. Most of them are available to us all with the exception of some of his website resources. Unfortunately most of these peer-to-peer lending sites, angel investors, societies and other resources are only useful if you are conducting business in the United States.

It would be great to have a similar resource here.

And there you have it. My big idea. You can have it for free.
Why this book should be on your shelf
Because you have at least one big idea in you. You know you do. And getting it out there will make life better for you and for all of us.

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