The Barriers Between Health And Wealth


One healthcare industry practitioner is of the opinion that the current administrative processes and bureaucracy can be greatly improved to help the sector.

Firstly, the business-unfriendly process for starting up a new business should be re-looked. For example, BP Healthcare has established a chain of centres with diagnostic and lab services nationwide, providing a one-stop health-check for all Malaysians. The BP Healthcare Group has over 90 branches in Malaysia, but despite us having established 18 branches nationwide and another 15 new branches this year, every application is treated as though we are establishing a branch for the first time.

To give another personal example; on our recent submission for a new branch, the trademark “BP Diagnostic” was altered to “BP Diagnostik”. The different requirements by different local councils make the process of even setting up a concept chain store like ours difficult. Our business model is similar to that of KFC & McDonalds and therefore, our brand, logo, process, product, pricing etc. is standardized and consistent. We see no reason why the different local councils cannot understand the way we operate.

The ETP/NKEA is intended to be the driver of economic activity and is supposed to assist in eliminating the above-mentioned bottlenecks and bureaucracy. The government should streamline and centralise the process of application for chain-stores with shorter application process for starting a new branch of a chain-store. We would suggest looking closely at the approach taken by our neighbouring developed countries and view the regulatory environment and procedures for granting businesses approval in a short period of time and the business-friendly environment.

We think the local councils could be more understanding and sensitive to helping enterprising businesses who are contributing in generating the economy activity and job opportunities. In return, we are happy to pay more tax revenue to the government. It is clear that any business-unfriendly regulation is an obstacle to all of us, which could potentially lead to billions lost through inefficient economic activity.

Lastly, our local authorities should adopt International best and efficient practices. We hope the government and the local councils would take these views seriously and work to improve the business climate with the industry players, ensuring smooth implementation and delivery. We are positive that the private sector can work hand in hand with the Government / ETP better, to move our nation forward.

Chevy Beh is the Director of Finance and Investment of BP Healthcare Group.

*The views expressed here are the personal opinion of the columnist.


Photo credit:  Flickr user Adrian Clark.

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