Sustainable Living


According to the United Nations, two-thirds of the poorest in Malaysia in 2009 lived in the countryside. Much effort has been put in by the government to reduce and elevate the living standards of these rural communities in Malaysia.

A “smart village” aimed at tackling rural poverty while promoting community and sustainability has been unveiled in Malaysia.Built to the northeast of capital Kuala Lumpur, Rimbunan Kaseh is the result of a public/private partnership and could be used as a model for providing relief from poverty around the world, according to its creators.

The idea is part of a charity project by a Malaysian company called Iris Corporation Berhad to help the poor to provide for themselves. Iris has built 100 homes in the village and a commercial-sized integrated farm to provide a reliable food source for residents and given opportunities to work on the farms and will be given a monthly salary of RM1500.

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