Strand Aerospace Malaysia


STRAND Aerospace Malaysia is part of the STRAND Group of companies with offices in Malaysia and the United Kingdom with depth of capabilities and reputation for technical excellence has allowed us to be involved with cutting-edge programs globally.

Since its establishment STRAND Aerospace Malaysia has achieved major engineering services milestones in the South East Asian region. This epitomized by the significant primary structures analysis and design work they have done involving Airbus’ flagship aircraft. STRAND Aerospace Malaysia has established itself as a key supplier of aircraft engineering design and analysis services to the global aerospace industry. Its goal is to become the focal point for the global Aerospace industry in Asia.

The services covered by the STRAND Group include design, engineering for continuous product development (CPD), certification analysis (checkstress), manufacturing support, in-service support, aircraft structural integrity, training & development and research. The work covers on both primary and secondary aircraft structures. The current portfolio includes work on wing box structures (ribs, spars and skins), pylon attachments, aileron, flaps and landing gear.

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