Saisun makes Malaysia Its Regional Hub


Saisun has settled in Malaysia to grow its business throughout SEA and the Asia-Pacific region.Saisun has settled in Malaysia to grow its business throughout SEA and the Asia-Pacific region.Saisun has settled in Malaysia to grow its business throughout SEA and the Asia-Pacific region.

Indian IT services company Saisun Solution (Saisun) has decided to make Malaysia the hub for all its activities within the Southeast Asian – and indeed, the Asia Pacific – region.

Saisun, a Microsoft Partner and SharePoint specialist, foresees that Malaysia’s unique blend of ideal geographical location, favourable currency exchange rates, pro-business government policies, and attractive start-up, as well as ongoing costs, make it an appropriate hub to increase its market penetration into the surrounding nations.

In addition to the various government initiatives (like MSC Malaysia, formerly known as the Multimedia Super Corridor) that made it easier to set up the business, Saisun also cited the relatively high proficiency of English-speaking Malaysians, widespread transportation and communication infrastructure, ready availability of skilled labour and AFTA as the determining factors for its decision to set down roots here.

Saisun provides full-service SharePoint solutions ranging from building customer-facing websites (and all the backend associated with it) to corporate intranets, private clouds and collaborative document management systems. It also offers almost-turnkey solutions for highway traffic management, operation and management systems, as well as payment kiosks.


VRVivandra Raj, director of Saisun’s Malaysian operations (pic), points out that Saisun has already been working with large Malaysian GLCs (in particular, UEM subsidiaries), as well as other MNCs.

“We’re involved in some big projects, and from there, we have been experiencing organic growth,” he said, adding that Saisun has been eyeing the SEA region ever since the first opportunities in Malaysia opened up in early 2013.

Saisun is putting its money where its mouth is, too, planning to increase its investment in Malaysia by another RM10 million to ensure its success as a regional hub and to aggressively expand into other ASEAN countries.

“We want to be able to bring our global expertise and experience into the region,” Raj clarified. Aside from India, Saisun has clients in Africa, the Middle East and USA, with 5 projects worth USD12 million having been delivered and 10 more projects in the pipeline.

Part of this investment will be in the building of the Saisun brand and reputation within the SEA region.

Raj highlighted Saisun’s cost competitiveness and rapid growth (Saisun in India has only been around since 2012), as well as its ability to deliver what was promised. “As our expansion plans progress, we will be adding and training local programming talent – and in due course, setting up teams in the various countries around the region as well.”

Raj sees great potential for Saisun to replicate its Indian counterpart’s current annual growth rate of 80%-100% here in Malaysia specifically and SEA in general. “Even now, our business and revenue contribution has largely been from Malaysia, with India bringing in only 20% of the total revenue. We expect the same to be true in the following years too. In addition, we are expecting a growth in revenue of 50% from other growing economies like Burma, Cambodia and Indonesia, leaping to 100% in the following year.”


20151201_153552At the moment, most of Saisun’s clientele come from the infrastructure and chemical manufacturing sector, as well as government bodies & GLCs. However, the company says that its product and service offerings can be tailored for other industries as well, including healthcare, O&G, supply chain and logistics.

“Through the intelligent leveraging of Microsoft SharePoint’s features, we are able to create applications specific to each industry,” Raj said, citing Saisun’s consumer-facing banking features and customised SharePoint eDiscovery line-of-business (LOB) applications for the legal industry as examples of how Saisun can transform and enhance any business’s current processes.

“Due to our expertise and workforce, we have a track record of completing projects before the contractual deadline, which is cost-effective for both ourselves as well as for our clients,” he clarified further.

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