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eGovt Rankings Waseda Uni

eGovt direction charted through the 2011-2015 Public Sector ICT Strategic Plan. Mobile a key part of plan.

The Malaysia Administrative, Modernisation and Management Planning Unit (Mampu) in the Prime Minister’s Department is responsible for spearheading the eGovt initiative since 1996. The goal is to transform government services online and increase productivity specifically towards a paperless government.  The responsibility encompasses the planning, designing, executing and implement eGovt initiatives.

For the period 2011-2015 Mampu has charted the strategies and directions for eGovt through the Public Sector ICT Strategic Plan (ISP). Mampu was also the natural choice to be the project lead for the NKEA CCI EPP8 Electronic Government in 2010.

According to Mampu’s Deputy Director General of ICT, Datuk Dr Nor Aliah Mohd Zahri, this program will escalate eGovt to another level producing more online services to improve the convenience, efficiency and transparency of Government services to the rakyat and for trade facilitation.

“With this mandate, Mampu will continue to expediate the eGovt initiative in collaboration with ministries and government agencies as well as the private sector,” she said.

Mampu also focuses its strategies and directions on the infrastructure to provide shared services to government agencies. Projects that have been implemented include the consolidation of GovernmentDataCenter, the Government Cloud Computing implementation and also the Government Unified Communication and Telepresence services.

Picture1Nor Aliah points out that Malaysia was amongst the first in the world to embark on an eGovt initiative. Malaysia today is among 198 countries that have implemented programmes for eGovt transformation on a national scale. Hence, progress of the national performance in the eGovt transformation has been benchmarked against current global measurements such as those set by the United Nations, WasedaUniversity (where Malaysia ranks 23 in its 2012 rankings) and the World Economic Forum’s World Competitiveness Index.

While some industry observers caution against getting too caught up in rankings, Nor Aliah feels that, “to a large extent, the rankings are useful and have influenced in expediting the progress of our eGovt transformation programmes.”

The Comparative Benchmark Study is also a method used to measure progress of Malaysia’s eGovt initiatives. Countries chosen are those that have consistently ranked as top five in the global eGovt assessments. The objective of such studies is to exchange experience, especially in managing eGovt transformations at national level.

While the eGovt transformation started at the desktop, today, mobile is clearly the way in which citizens want services made available to them, which is where the myGov Mobile gateway comes into play.

Launched in 2010, several government agencies have quickly taken advantage of the myGov Mobile gateway to provide users accessibility to useful information via mobile devices which are now widely used.

The mobile applications that have been launched are myHealth by Ministry of Health, myJakim by JAKIM and myTour by Ministry of Tourism. “Currently, myJakim is the top rated government mobile application as they are available on iOS and Android platform and provide a wide-range of information to the public for their daily use,” observes Nor Aliah.

Information offered includes Panduan kiblat, finding the nearest mosques when one is travelling, daily prayers and a wide directory on ‘Halal’ food which covers food, premises, restaurants that are officially certified as ‘Halal’ by JAKIM. Having this useful information available at anytime provided by the government assures the authencity of the source.

Beyond these three applications, Malaysians can expect many more eGovt services to be available on their mobiles, not necessarily on smartphones either. Then truly, will we have government services at our finger tips.

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