PDRM embraces SMART tech



In many countries around the world there are often many occupations that either receive no credit where it’s due. This is nowhere more inherent than in Malaysia with our own Polis Di Raja Malaysia (PDRM).

Think of it in this sense; Consider that PDRM is a corporate body and faces the same challenges as many other businesses face. Now, multiply that by a magnitude of ten to take into account stricter compliance, reporting and other administrative functions. Is it any wonder that like many corporates, a very likely answer to PRDM’s problems may lie in technological solutions?

This may well come to a halt soon, with Prime Minister Datuk Sri Najib Tun Razak’s recent launch of the Self-Monitoring Analytics Reporting Technology (SMART) lock-up system at the Defense Services Asia (DSA) Exhibition and Conference (Pic above. Photo credit: Polis Diraja Malaysia Facebook page).

One of PDRM’s most advanced innovations

SMART is one of the newest and most advanced innovations of PDRM and is a joint initiative together with the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation and developed by the Malaysian Institute of Microelectronics System (MIMOS).

Parts of the SMART system include a specialised CCTV system that is able to detect aggression, climbing, loitering, escape attempts or any other potentially suspicious movements. Once triggered, and automated alert is sent to a central monitoring centre. From there, duty officers will promptly be dispatched to attend to the matter.

In order to take into consideration human rights such as privacy, the development of SMART also involved the Human Rights Commission of Malaysia (Suhakam). The system was lauded as not only being able to provide security benefits, but also to ensure the integrity of police officers on duty. The system works both ways, in protecting both inmates as well as the police officers.

To date, SMART has been rolled out to 58 of 704 lock-ups nationwide. The Jinjang police station has this year in February smartened up all lock-up rooms on the first floor of the building already and has given positive feedback so far. It is aiming to install the system on all lock-up buildings by next month.

This is certainly a positive sign that both initiatives and efforts are being made towards the betterment of law enforcement throughout Malaysia.

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