Name of the game


Today’s business climate means that competition is fiercer than ever with the result that businesses and their leaders are under increasing pressure to respond. To survive, business needs a Competitive Advantage and to thrive, the Competitive Advantage must be decisive. All businesses have, at least once in their life-cycle, gone through a process of building, trying to capitalize and trying to sustain a competitive advantage.

If you want to start a successful business or stay in business you’ve got to have some degree of advantage over your competitors. To achieve and maintain a competitive advantage, a company require to make good use of its resources, such as people, knowledge, materials and reputation, and capabilities, such as innovation, speed, efficiency and quality.

This week, Business Circle talks to Ng Khailee on the 3 levers of speed to gain competitive advantage:-
1) Clarity — ensure all parts of the business are working towards a common goal
2) Obessision — to deliver results. Everyone’s motivated, but are you obsessed?
3) Immediacy — required for speed to happen and stay ahead of the competitors

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