Moving Up The IT Value Chain


Business Circle managed to catch up with several panel members of the International Advisory Panel, a panel that advises the Government on the Multimedia Super Corridor and its related execution.

Members of the panel include industry leaders such as Huawei, Intel and Paypal.

Business Circle talks to Gregory Bryant, Vice President, Sales & Marketing Group & General Manager of Intel. We also hear from Faraz Ahmed who is General Manager of Paypal Asia. Last but not least, we hear what Guo Jun Feng, Senior Vice President of Huawei Technologies Co . Ltd has to say about Huawei’s first International Hua Wei Training Centre in Malaysia.

The panel members said that Malaysia remains an important platform for their products and services because of several reasons.

First, the high take-up of smart devices enables them to push mobile solutions on a large scale.

Second, the evolution of the infrastructure and development of the talent pool means that Malaysia is now an important originator of its own products and services.

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