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Asia Media’s strategy is to penetrate currently untapped public transport audiences, says founder and chief executive officer Dato' Ricky Wong.Asia Media’s strategy is to penetrate currently untapped public transport audiences, says founder and chief executive officer Dato' Ricky Wong.Asia Media’s strategy is to penetrate currently untapped public transport audiences, says founder and chief executive officer Dato’ Ricky Wong.

Malaysia’s largest transit-TV network operator Asia Media Sdn Bhd said that the company has completed setup of transmission towers to provide Digital Live Transmission network coverage in the Klang Valley.

Dato Ricky

Dato RickyThe company – which provides entertainment and advertisements to over two million viewers on public transport, and is the country’s leading digital out-of-home Transit TV company – is in the process of expanding the network coverage to the Southern and Northern Regions, said Asia Media founder and chief executive officer Dato’ Ricky Wong (pic). “A full-frontal launch of Asia Media Transit-TV (AMTV) will be initiated upon completion of all the planned transmission sites in Malaysia.”

He said that in addition to the current partnerships with existing bus operators, the company aims to increase coverage to other public transport providers, such as the KL Monorail, the Light Rail Transit (LRT) and the KTM Komuter. “The new strategy will penetrate currently untapped public transport audiences and broaden the brand’s reach.” Wong said to Business Circle in an interview. Below are excerpts from the session.

Business Circle: How do you see the competition?

Wong: Asia Media leads the market in out of-home digital media and the advertising industry. We plan to expand coverage and penetration of our AMTV network system, to strengthen our market position and create both barriers to expansion and barriers to entry for current and prospective competitors.

How would the media advertising sector perform?

Media analysts expect advertising expenditure to grow in tandem with the country’s gross domestic product (GDP). Earlier in 2014, despite GDP growth facing headwinds, we saw that in the first six months of the year, ADEX (advertising expenditure) grew 13% to RM6.8 billion from RM6 billion. According to Nielsen Malaysia, ADEX growth was led by newspapers, cinema and in-store media, which rose 18.8%, 18.1% and 16.1%, respectively. Asia Media is cautiously optimistic that we will see a repeat of similar headline figures for the first half of 2015, which should bode well for digital out of home advertising.

Will you be looking at other overseas markets?

We have set our sights on global expansion, and we are currently in joint-ventures talks with Dubai, London, Indonesia and India. There is also potential for us to list on the stock exchange.

Will you be making any major investments?

As part of our recognition of the importance of strong networks and communication efforts, Asia Media has invested heavily in infrastructure and communication networks, and we are already providing RM500 million to ensure improvement and development. After the network coverage expansion, AMTV will be able to provide live programmes such as daily news, latest government policies and announcements, interactive TV, sports and weather forecasts. Programmes will be delivered in high-quality digital audiovisual format,” said Wong.

Asia Media Sdn Bhd, which is owned wholly by Asia Media Group Bhd, is a media provider, offering high-quality infotainment and targeted advertising, through the use of digital electronic displays installed in various outdoor premises.

Recognised by The Malaysia Book of Records as the “Largest Transit-TV Network” in Malaysia, Asia Media has 3,993 LCD screens installed in 1,800 buses travelling in the market-centric hubs of the Klang Valley and Johor Bahru, communicating to over 500,000 viewers daily.

Asia Media has partnered up with strategic bus network partners – such as RapidKL, and Handal Indah (which runs the Causeway Link buses that ply into Singapore from Johor Bahru, and back) – as well as express coaches from the Plusliner and Nice++ fleets.



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