Is entrepreneurship really for you?



Every once in a while, all of us will have that sudden moment of inspiration. That spark of an idea that, if you just let it brew a little longer, becomes crystal clear. It gets your heart racing, and you believe you have the next big thing that will maybe, just maybe, change the world and in the process your fortunes. If this describes you, then you’re probably an entrepreneur in the making.

But before you quit your day job, why not spend some time and read through our curated content for this week that focuses on all things entrepreneurial. When you’re done, please share your comments and let us know if you’re really the next big entrepreneur.


Take the Entrepreneurial Aptitude Test (E.A.T)

Can you make — or “make over” — an entrepreneur? It’s a question that came up a lot as my co-authors and I researched our new book, Heart, Smarts, Guts and Luck. Those are the four traits we deemed crucial to entrepreneurial and business-building success. We even came up with an Entrepreneurial Aptitude Test to measure how company founders and business builders stacked up in the different traits, and to help you identify where you’re strongest. Read more…


Enabling the Natural Act of Entrepreneurship

Scale-up means growth, and growth means jobs, wealth, and tax revenues. In a recent post on, I called attention to the fact that entrepreneurship promoters are too focused on start-up, and need to re-balance the dialog to support scale-up as well. Read more…


What all Successful Entrepreneurs Have in Common

What entrepreneurs need most of all—above motivation, focus, hope, financing, marketing skill, a brilliant idea, etc. — is desire. Unless you truly want to make something happen, the odds are nothing will. Without that desire, nothing else matters… or occurs. Your life will be filled in other ways. Read more…


10 Tips for a Strong Start

Here are 10 essential things you need to know about running a successful business. Use it as a checklist to make sure your thinking and your business plan are on the right track, or if you need to get more information, strategic education or clarity for yourself on your overall vision, your market, or your product or service. Read more…


Infographic: Why Start-ups Fail

No matter which way entrepreneurs choose to do business it does not alter the fact that the vast majority of start-ups will fail within their first year. This infographic looks at the reasons behind the high rates of failure, which will see only one in 12 succeed. Read more…



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