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E-commerce is ubiquitous and has already permeated the life of online users in South East Asia. Mobile shopping may be the fastest growing retail trend this year and next. How merchants market to mobile shoppers could soon have a significant impact on sales and customer loyalty.

There is no question that shoppers are using mobile devices — smartphones and tablets — to research buying decisions or make purchases. There’s a whole new generation of e-commerce players and two of them happen to be brothers: Fadzli Shah Anuar and Fadzarudin Shah Anuar.
Fadzli Shah Anuar, is the Managing Director of New Era Strategic Thinking (NEST) whose company recently started Voucheres, a web app for finding nearby discounts in Malaysia.
Coincidentally, Fadzli is also the brother of Fadzarudin Shah Anuar who is currently the CEO of Fashion Valet.
Fadzarudin Shah Anuar and his then fiancée Vivy Yusof started Fashion Valet in November, 2010. They’ve have since married and today Fashion Valet seems only to be going from stength to strength.
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