High risk, high return niche


Business Circle had the opportunity to catch Iqbal Ameer, Head of Business Development at Livescape Asia to understand more about events management in Malaysia.Livescape Asia is an events management and creation agency that prides itself in being resolutely from Malaysia and is responsible for festivals such as Rockaway Festival and Future Music Festival Asia.

Iqbal and his team also work creating events for established brands such as Fred Perry and Asahi, putting on parties and concerts for the respective brands and working in tandem with said brands marketing strategies.

Business Circle finds out what it takes to be in the events line and how companies such as Livescape are creating platforms for artist while seizing on the rise of social media as a form of marketing.

What aspects of social media need to be taken into consideration and how exactly are Malaysians purchasing concert tickets? What are the platforms involved?

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