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HeiTech Padu

HeiTech Padu

Information technology firm HeiTech Padu Bhd is on a roll, and 2016 is set to fly for the group as it focuses on industries as part of its long-term strategy to sustain growth, according to HeiTech chairman Datuk Seri Mohd Hilmey Mohd Taib.

“As a Global IT System and Technology Services Provider, HeiTech has developed a comprehensive suite of solutions and services that are holistic, integrated and cutting edge which cover the entire lifecycle of systems, infrastructure and product development,” he told Business Circle in an interview. “The year 2016 will be the year where we will be industry focused.”

HeiTech Hilmi

HeiTech HilmiHilmey (pic) said that the firm diversified its solutions to include industries such as national security, transport, financial services, healthcare, and defence by capitalising on over two decades of experience in both public and private sectors. “We are looking at long-term sustainability and growth, and our strategy moving forward is to focus on specific industries for both the public and private sectors to broaden our earnings.”

He added that HeiTech will also make an aggressive push towards the commercial segment, including an Islamic integrated computerised banking system, insurance and reinsurance systems, and investment management systems.

ICT as an economic enabler

Hilmey said, “The public sector will still be the major driver of earnings for the company for as long as the government continues to improve its delivery system via ICT. Furthermore as the country is moving towards developed nation status by 2020, we need ICT as the enabling element in every sector of our economy. HeiTech will continue its efforts to help the government ensure Malaysia’s ICT readiness by then.”

He added that the firm will focus on SMEs needing greater access to information and technology – such as more cost effective cloud computing software – to help them bridge the great digital divide. “HeiTech has also been focusing on going international since 2011. Our tagline is ‘Standardisation and Regionalisation’, where we build systems for government IT that can be replicated. We are looking at countries that we can help be in control, in terms of processes and conditions.”

Highly competitive IT market

Hilmey said, “Today’s business environment is proving to be markedly different from that of the past. Companies are facing more and more challenges which are driven by the global economic environment, including HeiTech. Malaysia’s ICT industry can be best described as a silver cloud with some grey linings: registering a healthy growth overall, but marked by dismal showings in key technologies, such as Cloud-computing adoption and Fourth-Generation (4G) mobile take-up.”

He said that these apparent inconsistencies also come from the fact that Malaysia is a hard economy to categorise. “It is advanced in some areas, but very much a developing market in others. One of the major drivers has been the Malaysian government and its various initiatives to encourage the adoption of ICT, including the Digital Malaysia programme which seeks to transform the nation into a fully-developed ‘digital economy’ by 2020. Despite the tough economic environment, we remain focused on moving the company into profitability, long-term sustainability and growth.”

According to Hilmey, 60% of HeiTech’s present revenues are derived from government projects, while the balance is contributed by the private sector, including a range from the financial services sector such as banking and insurance. “We are pushing aggressively into the commercial sector, and we are embarking on strategic business diversification. HeiTech cannot be content to rely on its current way of doing business.”

Role as a bumiputera company

Hilmey said. “As a homegrown ICT company, HeiTech has played a proactive role in supporting government agendas and initiatives – especially in the realm of IT – for more than two decades. Starting from electronic government initiatives back in the 90s, HeiTech is considered as a pioneer in modernising government agencies through IT system.”

He explained that since 1994, HeiTech has been involved in e-government initiatives that have transformed the business processes of government agencies. “HeiTech solutions have played an integral part in the modernisation of public services, linking government and the people through total IT solutions that are efficient and exemplary. These include people registration and lifecycle information management; vehicle registration and management systems; pension management systems; Hajj management systems; and hospital information management systems, amongst other things.”

Hilmey said that HeiTech still stands as one of the nation’s major IT players, by leveraging on its decent track record, experience and extensive knowledge of the local IT industry for more than a decade. “HeiTech will continue to deliver that latest and most advanced IT systems to government agencies. With ICT readiness, the government is in the right track to achieve its aspiration of becoming high-income nation by 2020,” he concluded.

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