Green City Living


Climate change and pollution threaten our existence on this planet, whilst humanity continues to deplete Earth’s resources with little thought of the consequences and the future of our children and grandchildren. Today we reach the second in a three part series examining sustainability, this episode takes a look at the environment and in particular city living in a country where close to 75 per cent already live in urban environments. Following an imaginary average Malaysian family we touch on issues of food security and consumerism, climate change and green architecture, transportation and community. The issues are all around us and the power to do something about it is in our hands.

Host: William Stuebing

Sayed Azam Ali, CEO of Crops for the Future
Ken Yeang, Green Architect
Gregers Reiman, MD of IEN Consultants
David Reilly, Technical and Change Consultant, Carbon Trust.
Ho Yuet Mee, Sustainability consultant
Jeff Lim, Urban Cycling activist and map maker

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