Good leaders are made, not born


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They say that good leaders are made, not born. At Business Circle, we couldn’t agree more. So, with that in mind, our editorial team has scoured the web and compiled five articles which we believe are useful reads for all aspiring business leaders and even today’s successful managers.

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12 Things Good Bosses Believe

What makes a boss great? It’s a question I’ve been researching for a while now. In June 2009, I offered some analysis in HBR on the subject, and more recently I’ve been hard at work on a book called Good Boss, Bad Boss. Read more…


4 Lessons On Managing Gen Y Employees

The interview went surprisingly well. The rumored needy, entitled candidate showed up in something other than jeans and with no cell phone in sight. In fact, the candidate seemed eager to learn, optimistic and even projected a certain palpable energy. So you took the leap, and with a shake of your hand you hired someone of the Generation Y persuasion.  Someone born somewhere around 1978-1994 will now join your team and—fingers-crossed—will blend in. This is where the problems start. Read more…


Your Optimism Might Be Stifling Your Team

I admit that I’m prone to an optimistic outlook, a belief that most problems can be tackled with hard work and the right mindset. I’ve read the research that indicates that positive thinkers tend to do better in school, work and life. Perhaps I even assumed that optimism was infectious and that people wanted to work with a confident, hopeful leader. In the true spirit of optimism, how could this possibly go wrong? Read more…


Overcome the Complexity Within You

Although it doesn’t show up explicitly in any personality test, some people seem to be more prone to creating complexity than others. Instead of cutting to the heart of an issue, they tangle it further; rather than narrowing down projects, they allow the scope to keep expanding; and instead of making decisions, they defer until there is more data and better analysis. These behaviors are characteristics of people that I call “complexifiers.” Read more…


Why Managing Your Time Will Never Be Enough

Fact: there are only 24 hours in a day, and 7 days in a week. It’s impossible to add additional hours to the day, and it definitely isn’t healthy to cut back on sleep, exercise, or personal time in order to free up more hours in the day to work. So instead of fighting against the clock, I made the choice to make my time work for me. Read more…



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