Giving Back Before Gaining Personally




Albert’s approach toward corporate social responsibility bucks conventional thinking that says you’ve got to make a profit before you give back. Albert began giving back early on.

A year after opening Sukau Rainforest Lodge, he organized a clean-up of the Kelenanap lake to rid it of salvinia molesta, a highly invasive aquatic fern that doubles its weight in water every ten days. He recruited volunteers by offering them a free stay at his lodge.

Since then Albert has embarked on a wide array of community projects:

  • initiating a biogas project to convert solid waste into methane (this failed to take off).
  • purchasing non-corrosive water tanks for over fifty poor families in Sukau
  • supplying zinc roofs for the Mompilis Rungus long house and completing an abandoned church in Terongkongang, Kudat
  • sponsoring microfinance projects for virgin coconut oil and cocopots in Kimihang and Matunggong
  • Supplying water tanks for rainwater collection system – to provide an alternative source of drinking and cooking water – for villages in Terongkongan and Pitas (Lugu and Pandan) district in northern Sabah.
  • mobilizing a team of 68 volunteers, including doctors, dentists and nurses, to provide free medical and dental care to the Sukau, Abai and Bilit villages in the Kinabatangan area

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