Equality & Diversity Beyond 2020


We reach the third and final instalment examining “Sustainability and Inclusiveness Beyond 2020”. Previously we’ve looked at the economy and the environment, now we reach society, and the question of inclusiveness.

As we approach the shores of developed nation status we examine new measurements for wellbeing to ensure an equal and prosperous nation. Who are the groups at risk being left behind in the wake of economic progress and what can and is being done to rectify these imbalances?

Host: She Fah Szetu
Johan Merican, CEO Talentcorporation
Muhammed Abdul Khalid, Khazana Research Institute
Janet Yap, Country Managing Director of Accenture
Micheal Green, Executive Director Social Progress Imperative
Silatul Rahim, Malaysian Association for the Blind
Fahmi Reza, Graphic designer and activist
Datuk Khatijah Sulieman, President of the Selangor Cheshire Home Mr.Devasharma & Kelvin, CEO and Student MySkills Foundation Nadira Ilana, Filmmaker

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