Do Good Tourism


As the travel industry becomes increasingly segmented, Malaysia finds itself ideally positioned to take advantage of a developing niche in the market called “Volunt-Tourism” which taps into a growing urge for travellers to do good during their time off. No longer is sitting at the beach sipping a brightly coloured drink with a miniature umbrella everyones idea of the perfect getaway, instead travellers are willing to pay good money to get involved with Malaysia’s iconic nature and wildlife.
From sunbears in Sepilok, orang utans in Sarawak and turtles on Perhentian, Malaysia offers a treasure trove of experiences. We speak to local and foreign operators and volunteers in Malaysia to discover what is driving this emerging trend,

Host: She Fah Szetu

Leo Biddle, The Great Orangutan Project
Arafat, Kebun Kaki Bukit
Daniel Quilter, EcoTeer, Malaysia
Wong Siew Te, Bornean Sunbear Conservation Centre
Fareea Ma, A.P.E. Malaysia
Hayati Mokhtar, Lang Tengah Turtlewatch


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