Success Amplified By Alvin Ung Perched above a motorcycle shop – flanked by a massage parlor and tuition center – is a company tha

The story of a Lunchbox

Dato’ Sri Idris Jalas amp By Alvin Ung On the eve of Merdeka day, I held in my lap a half-completed guitar tube amplifier called the Ceriatone OTS Lunchbox

Ceriatone (In pictures)

A worker fixing the wires and switches to the body of the amp A worker packing up parts to be sent as a kit to the customers A worker putting together the

Brothers in Arms

United Plantations – Carl Bek-Nielsen During my visit at United Plantations, Carl Bek-Nielsen, the chief …

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What good can come out of palm oil?

By Alvin Ung As I drove off the North-South Highway and entered the Lima Blas estate owned by United Plantations, I couldn’t help thinking: “Here I am, goi


By Alvin Ung  Oil palm fruits ready for collection. Carefully I entered the killing fields. …

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