Cheaper homes on the cards?

Though 2016 is expected to be a gloomy year for the property market, it will definitely be a good one for those with cash in hand and looking for a bargain.

Weathering the Storm

Each time the yearly floods in Malaysia’s East Coast happen, lives are devastated. In trying to overcome the challenges, the NGOs, the social enterprises,

Empowering Women Entrepreneurs: The ASEAN Way

As the ASEAN Economic Community becomes a reality, various organisations and programmes have been set up to enable women entrepreneurs and provide them the benefits of the myriad advantages that a unified economy throughout Southeast Asia could bring them.

Malaysia’s gift to the world

With some 3,000 delegates representing 70 countries and featuring well-known world-class speakers from across the globe, the inaugural Global Transformation Forum 2015 (GTF2015) was by almost any measure a resounding success.

Underprivileged kids become inventors at Arus Academy

Modern skills for the modern workplace aren’t always taught in school especially those in the poorer neighbourhoods. Arus Academy aims to fill this gap by teaching skills like coding and programming, and public speaking to underprivileged children.

Getting students hooked on Science

Science is often seen as a dull subject to many students. But not so, in Cikgu Hailmi’s class. Tapping on the young students’ natural interest in film, he got them to create a series of Science videos that eventually got them hooked on Science. As a bonus, it also earned him eight million blog hits in two years.

The true spirit of Malaysia

At a time when Malaysians seemed more focused on what divides us than anything else, it took a massive flood to make us come together as one nation.

The plight of the visually-impaired, today

As Malaysia edges closer to its aspiration of becoming a high-income nation, increasing more has been said about the inclusive nature of this goal – that all Malaysians will share in the benefits. How fare our visually-challenged fellow citizens?

Wages come to standstill in rich economies

Average real pay in developed economies rose 0.1% in 2012 and 0.2% last year, according the International Labour Organisation’s (ILO) biennial report on global wages. Workers in several rich economies, including Italy, Japan and the UK, were earning less than in 2007.