Using technology to positively impact lives

MDeC, working together with tech communities and linked organisations, has launched the ‘#TogetherWithU’ or ‘#BersamaMu’ community campaign. The digital campaign leverages on the e-Bantuan Banjir (eBB) platform, which combines a simple communications initiative with a powerful mobile app and websites.

Rubber, never a sunset industry

Fueled by a growing global population and increasing demand for rubber-based products, Malaysia’s rubber industry remains a key area of economic contribution.

Ebola’s a threat, but don’t ignore dengue

The current dengue epidemic is the ‘worst ever’ faced by health officials in Malaysia. Yet, public concern over the virus remains low, while the media plays up the threat of Ebola.

Green City Living

Climate change and pollution threaten our existence on this planet, whilst humanity continues to deplete Earth’s resources with little thought of the conse