Betting big on green technologies

The inclusion of various environmentally-friendly measures in the ETP and allocation of significant resources in the 11MP to the green economy are examples of Malaysia’s ongoing commitment.

A forum unlike any other, coming to you

Something exciting is happening in October in Kuala Lumpur, first of its kind forum bringing together key policy makers, global opinion leaders, corporate mavericks and experts onto one stage.

Clean bill of health

What do rating agencies think of Malaysia’s economic outlook? Global rating agencies share their views.

Braving the perfect storm

It is easy to surmise that Malaysia is facing an economic calamity, except we are nowhere near the levels of the Asian Financial Crisis of 1998.

Malaysia in firm economic footing

The country is in a far stronger position now than during the Asian Financial Crisis, with the economy expected to post 4.5 to 5.5% growth this year, thanks to proactive measures taken by the government.

Improving, But Can Do Better

Malaysia has moved into the top half of a Budget Transparency Score survey, achieving a score of 46 out of 100 on the overall Open Budget Index. This is slightly above the global average of 45, tying with the likes of India and the Ukraine, and ahead of Thailand, Vietnam and China.

Standing strong amidst volatilities

Given the nation’s strong fundamentals, Malaysia is able to weather the volatilities impacting the economy. While the economic climate is undeniably facing

‘Internet of Things’ community takes shape

Deeper understanding of human needs necessary for practical, sustainable and responsible IoT implementation. IoT identified as a key technology areas in RMK11 to enhance the productivity of new knowledge-based growth areas.