Industry Speaks

Dream Chaser helps Malaysia’s budding motorsport talents shine

Malaysia is one of the global hotspots for motorsports, evidenced as much by our investments in the Sepang track as well as being one of the placements for F1. As much as in any other areas where competition is involved, motorsports is one area in which the boundaries of technology are consistently challenged.

Doing Business with Hypermarkets – Whats the Hype?

Under one of the projects within the Wholesale & Retail NKEA of the Economic Transformation Programme, large format store space is to be increased by 50%. That ever elusive win-win situation – can there be perfect balance between industry growth and competitive pricing?

Rising Costs – How Can Businesses Cope?

The cost of living goes in tandem with the cost of doing business. With the current subsidy rationalisation, there is impact on businesses, especially the small and medium enterprises which contributed 32.7% of the nation’s GDP in 2012*.