Asean on the cusp of greatness

This year is Malaysia’s turn to chair Asean and hopefully help to propel the bloc forward to play a larger role both regionally and globally.

Challenges inevitable, but let’s be pragmatic

While great strides have been taken and many improvements have been made to Malaysia’s economy, and absolute poverty in the country has fallen, there remains much to be done in terms of ensuring that the nation’s growth is enjoyed by all the rakyat regardless of race, religion or social background, according to the Malaysia Human Development Report 2013 (MHDR).

Enhancing economic resilience

In view of changes in the global economic landscape, Prime Minister Dato’ Seri Najib Razak yesterday announced a number of proactive measures to ensure Malaysia’s growth, development and deficit ambitions remain on track.

Feeling the wealth

During the recent ETP Talkback Thursday, we discussed the following topic : “The country is  becoming wealthier and there’s change taking place. But are yo

Barclays bullish on Malaysia

Barclays has been bullish about the Malaysian economy in the past 4-5 years and remains so despite plummeting oil prices, which has damped the nation’s growth outlook and drove the Ringgit to its lowest levels since the global financial crisis.

IMF gives Malaysia thumbs up for ongoing reforms

IMF commends the authorities for taking significant steps to strengthen the resilience of the Malaysian economy, while maintaining macroeconomic stability; federal budget deficit could decline to below 3% next year.

Change: Yes We Can, Or Can We?

We’ve reached the season finale and as you know, Hear & Now is produced by the Economic Transformation Programme. And for this final show we’re going t