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Confident Healthcare Professional

Confident Healthcare Professional

Healthcare has always been one of the key elements of a county’s foundation, contributing healthy amounts to the national bottomline. However, costs of medical care around the world has been steadily increasing, giving rise to the phenomena that is medical tourism. With rapid transport easy and affordable today, people are travelling to their preferred destinations for healthcare for multiple reasons.

Malaysia today is becoming one of the top global destinations for healthcare needs. In the Southeast Asia region, Malaysia is one of the only countries medical tourism is promoted by the government. This offers medical tourists a higher level of assurance on regulation, quality of care, as well as other benefits within the industry.

Medical and dental services offered by healthcare facilities in Malaysia are now on par with those in fully developed nations, yet at considerably reduced rates as compared to other countries in the region – and a fraction of the prices in the West.

Medical specialists in Malaysia today have been trained in some of the top medical facilities around the world, such as those in Australia, the United Kingdom, and USA. State-of-the-art medical facilities such as Gleneagles Medical Centre and Prince Court Medical Centre, for example, are amongst those which are furnished to meet international standards.

There are a plethora of private hospitals here which are accredited by either national or international bodies as well as recognised by the International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQua), assuring patients of quality and safety.

Further, Malaysia is a harmonious multi-racial country with English being a widely spoken language, especially in the medical community here. Many private healthcare facilities here have international patient help centres and translators for the aid of foreign medical tourists who are visiting them.

The Malaysia Healthcare Tourism Council (MHTC) has recently indicated that there is an increasing number of medical travellers from the GCC countries including Oman coming to Malaysia for its value-for-money, high quality care and competitive pricing. According to MHTC, Malaysia was recently ranked number three worldwide for its healthcare system by International Living in its 2014 Global Retirement Index, and is now well-known and is a much sought after destination for medical tourism in the world.

MHTC data shows the number of tourists coming to Malaysia for healthcare purposes increased from 583,000 in 2011 to 768,000 in 2013. This upsurge clearly shows that Malaysia is catering well to the needs of healthcare tourists, providing them key desired facilities.

With the increase in those from GCC countries, Malaysian private hospitals have even received three out of nine awards presented this year during the IMTJ Medical Travel Awards 2014 held in Dubai. These awards have further strengthened the country’s position as a highly-preferred medical tourism destination that offers not only top facilities, but also competitive pricing.

Last but not least, Malaysia offers visitors a large number of exotic locations which can be enjoyed during breaks in medical treatment. Aside from numerous malls and historic buildings, medical tourists are sure to benefit from the tranquil beaches and beautiful forests and mountains in Malaysia. These, coupled with excellent post-procedure aftercare facilities at private facilities in the country allow patients the perfect environment to recover, while allowing medical practitioners quick access if necessary.

Travelling to Malaysia for healthcare

Malaysia has various criteria for entry depending on where you are from. Most visitors do not require a special visa to enter Malaysia for short stays, but some may be required for longer durations such as a month or three.

There is no special visa requirement for medical tourists. However, before travel here, it is advisable to contact an embassy, consulate for more information.

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