Because You’re Worth It!


What is a good job? For most of us earning a salary that can sustain a dignified life is the baseline measurement, now with the minimum wage laws in force, 3.2 million private sector workers have been lifted above the poverty line. But there is more to work than money and in this episode we investigate the growing research into the power of jobs to accelerate development beyond purely economic measures to factors such as social inclusion, gender equality and well-being.

Host: She Fah Szetu

Jubli & Diana, Sabahan Factory workers in Subang
Rosnah bt Abdul Hamid, Kamariah bt, Yusof and Hashim, Factory Workers in Bukit Beruntung
Albert Khoo Head of Malaysian Furniture Entrepreneurs Association
YBhg Datuk Haji Shamsuddin Bardan, Executive Director, Malaysian Employers Federation
Datuk Saw Choo Boon, Head of Federetion of Malaysian Manufacturers
Dr Jomo Kwame Sundaram, UN Food and Agriculture Organisation, Rome
Martin Rama, Chief Economist for South Asia
Michael Greene, Executive Director, Social Progress Imperative

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