An Energy Efficient Nation – Who’s Paying For It? (Highlights)


Did you know that Malaysians use 34% more than our peer countries? Did you also know that the true cost of energy is hidden due to subsidies and uncalculated externalities such as price of coal usage (loading cost) in producing energy?

We need to improve on our power and fuel consumption by being more energy efficient and with the inevitable rising cost of energy, how are we — the businesses, the end consumers, or the government — going to manage this? What is the way to move forward?

The last session of Industry Speaks this year was held on 29th November 2013. Panelists of the dialogue were Dato’ Abdul Razak bin Majid, CEO of MyPOWER, Ir. Dr. Philip Tan, Member of FMM Energy Management Committee and Mr Azli Mohamed, Director of Growth Initiatives & Key Acount, Global Growth & Operations, General Electric ASEAN. The session was moderated by Mr Kelvin Tan, Associate Director of NKEA & SRI, PEMANDU.

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