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Albert Teo has read more than 300 books on personal growth, marketing,  management and leadership over the past decade. When he reads, he scribbles notes on the margin.

He underlines key passages. He writes a summary at the back of the book. And then he teaches his staff what he learns. These habits have given him the uncanny ability to internalize what he has read. As a result, he often speaks in maxims, just like the books he reads. Below are some maxims I picked up as Albert delivered pep talks to his staff in Kota Kinabalu, Sandakan and Sukau – maxims he has learned from the books he has read.

“Personal development is a process, not an event. It has to be something you do everyday.”

“You can never stand still. The minute you stand still you start to go downhill.”

“Your future lies in your own hand. Your success is in your own hand. It’s up to you and in the choices you make daily.”

“To transform community for the future, you have to engage the government and community through education.”

“A lot of us submit to corruption rather than choose to change our mindsets.”

“We must judge people by the content of their character, not their skin color or religion.”

“Your personal income will never exceed your personal development. To get more, you must become more. You need to work diligently to invest in yourself. There is no end to this journey.”

“If you want to own a house, it’s up to you to save money and leverage on the power of compound interest. At the beginning you may not know how to save. That’s why we give you tips on how to save money. But if you don’t practice what you learn, you won’t make a difference in your life.”

“The more you practice, the better you become.”

“I want to help you grow your own career. It’s your responsibility, not mine.”


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