Aha to Reality


Khailee Ng is a 28 year old entrepreneur who co-founded two successful Malaysian tech startups: SAYS.com, a social news site which provides social media content distribution for 70 of Malaysia’s largest advertisers, and, Groupon Malaysia, which was originally started as GroupsMore before being acquired by Groupon. 

He is also an investor in up and coming startups like iMoney.my, and the recipient of the HSBC Young Entrepreneur Award, the first and only time a Malaysian received this. In his free time he travels, learns, and shares, most recently being invited by Sir Richard Branson’s to his private home in Necker island to explore how Virgin’s Non-profit efforts can better engage the social media generation.

Business Circle talks to Khailee Ng on the following 3 steps to Transform Ideas To Reality:-
1. Validate your ideas to understand the market
2. Get traction: Progress & momentum essential for success
3. Secure adequate funding for business growth

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